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Kansas City Motorcycle Clubs Iron Order MC

Battlefield Cross Escorts by IOMC in conjunction with the Walk to Remember Foundation
Battlefield Cross Escorts by IOMC in conjunction with the Walk to Remember Foundation

You might see them blasting down the highways around the Metro, riding high and tight, two-by-two on Iron Horses of chrome and metal.  Literally born on the Fourth of July in 2004, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club (IOMC) is committed to Brotherhood, friendship and community service along with a healthy dose of patriotism and national pride.

Membership in the Iron Order is a privilege and not taken lightly. The Iron Order MC is a non-territorial International Organization that has 68 chapters in 33 states and 3 countries.  The IOMC is an independent MC believing in the right side of the law and freedom for all.  Criminal activity of any kind is not tolerated by any of the Brotherhood, be they full-patch, prospect, hang-around or Maiden (female support group for the IOMC.)
IOMC Missouri

The Kansas City chapter consists of members from both sides of the state line. Because the club is non-territorial, rockers from both Kansas and Missouri adorn the brother’s cuts, signifying where a club member lives.  The IOMC will never control any territory, however they will actively participate in state activities.

The chapter is involved heavily in the community, hosting fund-raising drives for various charities throughout the metro, the most significant being the Battlefield Cross Escorts in conjunction with the Walk to Remember Foundation.  Other notable charities sponsored by the Iron Trail Chapter of Kansas City this past summer include: Independence Animal Shelter, Hope House, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and St. Jude’s Hospital.  This month the chapter will focus on raising money for the Walk to Remember Foundation as well as visit the Veteran’s Home of Cameron, MO.
IOMC Kansas

The KC chapter of the Iron Order extends an invitation to participate in any of the Chapter's events in order to get to know them.  You can join their mailing list at by clicking the "email me" link.  Check out the IOMC and see if you have anything to offer the Brotherhood, or if the Brotherhood has anything to offer you.

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  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Not all bikers are outlaws. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Profile picture of roadking53
    roadking53 3 years ago


  • ES Rossiter 5 years ago

    My pleasure ma'am. Thanks for reading my article. :)

  • Rick Casteel 5 years ago

    Great article look like a bunch of cool dudes

  • Cgar 5 years ago

    While I am a little biased....but I truly believe that the IOMC is a great bunch of guy and gals. Many chapters in the US have contributed greatly to their community. Everything from raising $11,000 for an "adopt-a-family" program in Cartersville, GA to visit a childrens hospital in Lousville, KY and all around.

    While we, (yes, I am a member) are a young club and only have been in existence for 5 yrs, we try to be different from all the other MCs and try to raise the bar just a little higher for all of us to show society that not all bikers are bad people.

    thanks for the article.

    Cgar- in Georgia

  • MAJIK 5 years ago

    I am going to have to agree with CGAR while I too am a member I have seen it first hand before joining the great things this club as accomplished.

    great article

  • A real biker 5 years ago

    Iron Odors are like all other knock offs. They may look good but they are not the real deal in the MC world.

  • ES Rossiter KC MC Examiner 5 years ago

    If by the "real deal" you mean druggies, pushers and pimps, then no, the IO is not the real deal.

    They are however bikers in every other sense of the word.

    But thank you for your support, it only exemplifies the point of the article.

  • Stefan 5 years ago

    Hi im Stefan,
    I’m thinking about joining he IOMC. but i tried to e-mail but it didn’t work. I live in Va. Any one know how i can contact someone up my way. If so my e-mail

  • ES Rossiter KC MC Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Stefan, should be an active email address for the VA chapters of the Iron Order.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Twitch 5 years ago

    IOMC is nothing but another COP club. Wannbee of the very thing they try to crush while on duty. Why do they want to play in the same lifestyle the look down on.

  • Rider of Iron 5 years ago

    oink oink

  • tazman 4 years ago

    i.o.m.c is truly a great club who's time has come.they are
    100% bikers and 100% brother's what m/c use to be before
    the low life..

  • a biker 4 years ago

    all i can say is f@#k the iron order.

  • CoCo 4 years ago

    IOMC bunch of punk ass cops that ride Suzuki's Honda's and Yamaha's riding down the highway wearing white tennis shoes. They are the laughing stock of the biker world.

  • Officer 4 years ago

    As an officer I see this club as a great way to infiltrate the clubs that are made up of scum and bottom feeders.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    To all u 1%ers fuck off your the reason everyone thinks we that ride for reason are all bad guys

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    How come there dose not seem to be any black member in the IOMC ... Is it because they are really a racist club .... hmmmm ... maybe not for all free men right

  • Blue n Black 4 years ago

    I know for a fact that a chapter in Texas has two black members. How? I've MET THEM personally. "Anonymous" please limit your breathing space.

    It amuses me how some of these these low lifes comments (I bet most are 1% wannabes!) are always the same. IOMC is a cop group, IOMC are posers, IOMC aren't real bikers... blah, blah, blah... you haters really need new material. Where is it written that you MUST be a criminal to be a "biker"? It was the criminals that changed the MC world from what it used to be originally! I applaude the Iron Order for having the balls to stand up, where a bottom rocker and not take any crap from these scum bags!

  • crewchief charlie 3 years ago

    I like what 99%ers offer, lasting brotherhood, esprit de corp, family, and riding. I am currently serving in the U.S. army near Junction City, Ks. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Ks. I've been looking for a good club to join and IOMC has a pretty good track record. I am interested in joining is there any chapters more my direction on I-70? I would like an email.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    u shouls shut up

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    The Iron order and the rest of the pig clubs, have no right to call themselves an MC. THey think they are standing up to 1% by wearing a full state rocker, there fu**ing crazy. All that shows is how all LEO are arrogant pigs, who think they can do whatever they want cuz there lil cop buddies are a phone call away!! If you wannabes want respect, try earning the right to where those patches, like the rest of us have had to. Why is it that none of you are part of any state COC'S?? Cuz your arrogant pigs who think they can just do whatever they want. all cops need to realize that they work for the people of this country, instead of running over everyones rights, like you think your god.. You guys are fu**ing posers. And if you came to my town i would cut that ugly patch off your back and then we would take turns pissing on it. Your pond feeding scum!

  • Shaking my head 3 years ago

    Hey Anonymous............I and many of my Brothers have earned the right by serving multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other hot spots of the world. How did you earn it, by getting on your knees and begging? If you can read this, thank a teacher. If your reading this in english, thank a Vet.....You can find many wearing IOMC colors.

  • Los 3 years ago

    to all the douchebags making hater comments: please define "biker"? what makes a guy a "biker"?? if a cop wants to join a club whats the problem? there will be no competition for the meth trade, so why the hostility? Howd you earn your patch? and why do you care how a club you arent in handles their membership? ....why do you care? Does Iron Order pose some kind of theat to you? you hate the club because of the profession of some of its members? so much for "individualism" and "freedom" that, well at least I thought, went along with the lifestyle.
    dont hate....ride and be free, it feels better

  • Los 3 years ago

    oh, and to "Anonymous" is the "cop club" "standing up to 1%ers" by calling themselves a mc and wearing a full state rocker??
    you really gotta lay off the pipe...its makin you paranoid as hell. or are you really that insecure? ever hear of "quiet confidence"? if your club or wannabe club is the baddest thing this side of the Mississippi, then so be it and dont try infringe on others' rights to ride and wear a patch.

    Carlos N., KC

  • charles steinberg 3 years ago

    iron order is not a cop club and is not hated by all One percenters

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    All I want to say is( WE KNOW WHO THE COPS ARE IN THE IOMC DO YOU?) And its also nice to know who is packing, MOST OF US, and that would be legally, most have CCW permits. DON'T HATE.

  • Sin 2 years ago

    Let me tell you something...I have been around the life since I was a little kid...I started riding motorcycles when I was 7...And While most of the original MC's were american bikes only...not everyone can afford a 30000 dollar motorcycle and support their families too...Case in point...I am in the process of trying to stand up a new charter for IOMC in my home town in Texas...and one of my soon to be brothers doesnt have a a BROTHER I financed one for him...on a payment he can afford...because that is what we are about...BROTHERHOOD...FAMILY...Making the world into what WE want it to be...and if you dont agree...fine...Nobody is asking you to join us...I myself...have no affiliation to law enforcement...dont always agree with the way cops abuse their power...but as a whole the IOMC is a Purist MC. Just because somebody rides a Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki...doesnt make them less of a biker...maybe they just prefer not having to work on their bike all the time...and I say that owning 3 HDs...a 1974 Shovelhead...A 1989 Dyna Low...and my baby...a 2005 Full custom Night Train. Guys that love to to share good times with other people who share the same interest...and knowing that no matter what...everyone who wears that matter where you are or where they are from has your back...That is IOMC...I will close by saying that as far as I am concerned...IOMC is the only REAL MC left in the world...

  • Sin 2 years ago most of us have had extensive training on CQC and tactical weapons well as hand to hand...and we dont have to go around messing with people because We just dont have S**T to prove to the rest of the world about how big of a bad ass we are...we are content being who we are...I said it earlier and will say it again...IOMC is the only REAL MC one is begging all you haters to join...and trying to stir up trouble just shows how pathetic you really are...Just a bunch of sheep...When did it stop being cool to be who you actually have morals, standards, and a little love for our country...while maintaining the traditional biker in your hair...woman at your back...friends by your side...cold beer in your hand bikers...

  • Sin 2 years ago

    I couldnt agree more...The guys I have met and been in contact with recently have made a definite impression. Great guys...helping us get a new charter stood up at home and here in Afghanistan...And hopefully one day soon I will be calling all of you brother...

  • IOMC Prospect 2 years ago

    What is the issue, your upset, intimidated, insecure about your club because the IOMC doesn't ask permission to wear a bottom rocker? What are you 12 yrs old, grow the hell up. I've been in the military for 18 yrs now and have fought for the rights of every American to do as they chose, and now you expect me to conform to some dictated CoC. Sorry but I just don't think that's going to happen, do whatever the hell you want, I'm quite sure the IOMC doesn't want anything to do with you or your conformist club. Plus Joining the CoC would only mean I i'd be supporting/paying into the local 1% club who runs it, maybe that's what this is all about your not getting your paid due's and your percieved right to dictate what one American want's to do or wear. What are you the friggin fashion police. There are plenty of countries I've been to who support your dictatorship ideals, drop me a line and I'll point you in the right dirrection. Just stay out of my way the next time i'm in Iraq or Afganistan, my fellow Americans and I don't take to well to those types who oppose the USA. Until then enjoy the freedoms we American's and I have provided for you, stop whining and ride your bike.

  • IOMC Hangaround 2 years ago

    I think what Anonymous meant by "Earned It" is that he had to follow his sponser around with a baggie, pick up his S**t, wipe his *SS, get him a beer, wash his bike and lick his other words he earned it by being someones b*itch for a unknown amount of time.

  • mikeb 1 year ago

    I read all of this. Its all about the harley name for some. Talk to a harley mechanic, most parts for them are made overseas and assembled here. Paying for a name is that game. That's all.

  • WTF 1 year ago

    Why does IO even need a state rocker why emulate the exact opposite of who you say you are not? I mean why not tie a towel around your head and pretend your the taliban or some jihad jackass? I have also witnessed one of the kc IO's take off there "proud" colors when they even saw some 1% er's and put them in their saddle bags lol

  • Profile picture of Dave 1957
    Dave 1957 1 year ago

    After hearing about iron order while at a coffee shop today, I looked for info. on this group. Does anyone know why a large Mexican group has a bounty on them and why are the police starting such a group. It seems very dangerous for their wives and family. Is ms13 a Mexican group? I'll also look this up.

  • Alan 9 months ago


  • Alan 9 months ago

    now why would a mexican street gang have a problem with a bike club that has nothing to do with them?