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Kansas City here I come


Well I might take a plane, I might take a train. If I have to walk, I'm going there just the same.  I'm going to
Kansas City, Kansas
City, here I come.  Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

If you know the song, you know Jerry and Mike had big plans for their trip to
Kansas City
Courtesy of the Kansas City Convention and Visitors bureauthat included “crazy little women”. My plan was rather boring in comparison, but I did take a plane to
Kansas City
this past weekend to visit some friends. We spent a leisurely weekend catching up and enjoying great shopping and good food.

Kansas City is a really nice town and there’s a lot to do and see, and it was home to some rather famous people including Harry Truman and Amelia Earhart.

Photo: Courtesy of the K.C. Convention and Visitors Bureau

Melissa’s Top Three K.C. Must See, Must Do's:

Country Club Plaza features 150 shops and a variety of restaurants making this
Kansas City’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

Union Station opened in 1914 as the nation's second largest train station, and today features a science center, theatre, exhibits and dining.

City Market: It’s been around for more than 150 years and is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants and merchants who offer distinctive gifts, flowers, home accessories and specialty foods from across the world.

A few other things not on my list that you may want to add to your favorites are sports (baseball and football) and barbecue.

No matter how you get there, be sure to check out the Kansas City Convention and Business Bureau for online coupons before you head out and have a great time.

Thanks again for being a faithful reader.

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  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Love Union Station with its history and beauty. Other favs: Mission District and the Arabia paddle ship museum.

  • Pauline 5 years ago

    The Plaza area is lovely when lit up for the holidays, and the jazz is great anytime.

  • Theresa Leschmann 5 years ago

    I've never made it to Kansas City. Looks inviting!