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Kansas City cops know the power of branding

Personal and corporate branding have several things in common. The goals of both are to develop a relationship, build trust, show your integrity, tell your own version of your story and generate feelings of goodwill about you.

The Kansas City Police Department is helping build its brand through a little-known program where officers learn Spanish through the immersion technique by volunteering at Primitivo Garcia School. While many of the kids at the school don't know who the new student helpers are, the hopes are that during the ten week program, they will get to know the officers on a personal level and view them more positively when the program is over.

This proves that branding pays an important role in life, and not just in traditional marketing or advertising settings.

When you are outside of your office or place of business, do you still portray a positive brand message for your company? What about your personal brand? You never know who may be watching and developing a life-ling impression of what you and your brand represent.

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