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Kansas City Chiefs, Alex Smith agree to four-year $68 million extension

Alex Smith warming up in the preseason
Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are plenty happy with Alex Smith’s first season, and they decided to reward him on Sunday evening. Reportedly, the Chiefs and Smith agreed to a $68 million contract extension over four years. According to, the Chiefs will pay Alex Smith $17 million over those four years that was first reported by the Kansas City Star. However, according to, the deal is contracted for $45 million guaranteed.

After hitting a rough patch, the Kansas City Chiefs overhauled their offensive strategy, while bringing in Alex Smith. He led the Chiefs to (11-5) record and a wildcard berth out of the AFC West.

After the 2010 playoff team, the Chiefs rapidly declined into one of the worst teams in football. It culminated into a (2-14) record in 2012. Once Smith followed Andy Reid into town, the whole outlook of the Chiefs changed immediately.

In the last three seasons, Alex Smith has turned his career around. Part of Alex Smith’s trouble with the San Francisco 49ers, is he only started 16 games once in the first five seasons. After struggling with the 49ers, the hiring of Jim Harbaugh turned his career around, and Smith went (13-3) in 2011. Then he started (6-2-1) with the 49ers before he was jettisoned for Colin Kaepernick.

Alex Smith doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he doesn’t throw the ball down field as much as other quarterbacks. He also doesn’t throw a bunch of interceptions. In the last three seasons, he’s thrown 17 interceptions. In the first year with the Chiefs, Alex Smith had a 23 touchdown to seven interception ratio. That’s certainly good enough, especially when comparing him to other quarterbacks that are careless with the ball.

As long as Smith continues to play well, the detractors will be silenced for the most part. However, if the Kansas City Chiefs get off to a rough start, their will be plenty of ammunition to blame to the new contract extension.

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