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Kansas City beer bloggers qualify for the finals of the National Homebrew Competition


Fans of craft beer in the Kansas City area are probably familiar with the Wort Hog Beer Blog. The blog's contributors, KC Wort Hog and John, write about all things beer.  If you read through past entries you may find yourself with the knowledge needed to brew your own beer.  Thats right, besides writing about drinking beer, cooking with beer, and where to get good beer, the couple also shares tips and stories about homebrewing. And these are tips and stories you'll want to remember. Amy Satterlund and John Fowler(KC Wort Hog and John) will be making the trip to the finals of this year's National Homebrew Competition.

The National Homebrew Competition (NHC) is a yearly event that recognizes the best of amateur brewers worldwide. The competition includes many different categories of homebrewed beer, mead, and cider. By finishing with two firsts and a second(second only to themselves) in the south regional, John and Amy earned their spot in the finals.

"We started brewing together in our apartment in Portland, starting in 2006." Amy recalled how John and her began their hobby, " When we moved here, we stopped brewing for a while but picked it back up around Thanksgiving of 2008." John is now a BJCP certified judge while Amy will be taking the exam in September.  She described their brewing set up, "We switched to a Sabco Brew-Magic at the beginning of this year, from a homemade mash/lauter tun. We also use fermentation temp control, using a couple of small freezers with Johnson Controls temp controllers to keep the fermentation temp constant. We keg everything, bottling small amounts prior to competitions."

A year ago, looking for feedback from other beer enthusiasts and wondering if they were making beer worthy of medals,  they began entering their beers in competitions. Shortly after, the couple joined a local homebrew club.

 "We joined the KC Bier Meisters as we liked the people,  the meetings were close, and they had a ton of competition experience." Amy also pointed out that membership in the club has other advantages.  "We enter our beers under the club name so that we can gain both personal and club points, and represent a Kansas City club in the homebrewer circuit."

The KC Bier Meisters will also be represented by Tim Leber who moves onto the finals with his Cherry Melomel(fruit mead) and Roger Gibson, qualifying with a Metheglin(spiced mead).

Amy and John's participation in the NHC comes after already winning 17 medals this year. In competitions including the Upper Mississippi Mashout, KC Bier Meisters, Iowa Brewers Union, and Garage Brewers Society Champions of the Pint they have accumulated these medals brewing both beer and mead. As for the entries in the NHC, "Two of our lagers are going to nationals (standard and premium American lagers) and an Imperial IPA is going as well," says Amy.

Wish them good luck in the finals and check out the Wort Hog Beer Blog. Whether it's learning how to make spent grain muffins or plans for a homemade carboy cleaner, you're bound to learn something.


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