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Kansas bill would allow teachers to spank kids harder, leave bruises

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Kansas House Rep. Gail Finney has introduced a bill that would allow teachers to spank children hard enough to leave bruises.

The spank-and-bruise bill would not be limited to teachers. Parents and caregivers would also be allowed to punish children with “up to 10 strikes of the hand and smacks hard enough to leave redness and bruising,” according to KCTV News5.

McPherson Deputy County Attorney Britt Colle encouraged Finney to introduce the legislation claiming that it’s needed in order to restore respect and “parental rights.”

Opponents of the legislation suggest that it goes too far, and that disciplining children should not include legal permission to leave marks on the child.

Corporal punishment has been outlawed in 30 states, although Kansas is not among them.

Although the bill may not come up for a vote, the fact that it was introduced indicates changing attitudes among Kansas lawmakers when it comes to redrawing the lines between discipline and child abuse.