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Kansas baby car death: 10-month old dies after being left in car

Crime scene
Crime scene
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Another baby has died in their car seat because the parents forget it inside of a hot car. On Friday, MSN shared the news about a 10-month-old little girl in Kansas who lost her life. She was left inside a hot car and her foster father simply forget her there. This has been happening a lot over the last few weeks.

He simply said he forgot about her until he was watching TV and something reminded him about her. At this time, he is booked on suspicion of aggravated endangerment but should end up being charged later on. He did pick her up from the babysitter, but when he got home he simply went into the house and just said that he forgot to take her in to the house. It is shocking that someone could simply forget their child. He did remember to take the five-year-old in with him.

She was in that car for approx. two hours. When they rushed outside to check on her, they found her still in the hot car with the windows rolled up. There was no way for her to get any cool air at all.

Web MD has shared several things about why you shouldn't put your children into a hot car and leave them in it. As parents, everyone needs to remember that a child can die in a hot car. It is never okay to leave your kids in a hot car even if it is for a short amount of time. Make them get out and go in with you or take them in if they are a small child.

Heat stroke happens when your body temperature gets over 104 degrees. This can happen really fast when you are in a hot car with the windows rolled up. In the future, some companies are looking into an alarm that goes off if a seat belt is left fastened when you get out of the car and try to lock it. This could help prevent some of these deaths.