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Kansas baby car death: 10-month-old dead, left 2-hrs in hot car by foster father

10-month-old baby girl dies after being locked in a hot car for more than 2 hours. Foster father charged with crime.
10-month-old baby girl dies after being locked in a hot car for more than 2 hours. Foster father charged with crime.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Two hours in a hot car when it was 90 degrees outside proved fatal for a 10-month-old little girl, who was forgotten in the backseat by her foster father. The foster father had picked the baby girl up and daycare and then went home, but just he and his 5-year-old foster child went into the house. He forgot about the toddler in the backseat car seat, according to ABC News on July 25.

Seth Jackson, the 29-year-old foster father of the child, went into his Wichita home, while his 26-year-old partner was in the backyard. It wasn't until two hours later that something on TV jogged his memory and he and his partner went running out to the car to find the baby girl still strapped into her car seat and unresponsive.

The windows in the vehicle were rolled up and the inside of the car must have been like an inferno for that child. The men called 911 and the paramedics arrived, but it was too late. The child was pronounced dead on the scene.

Both men were distraught and inconsolable at the scene. Both men believed that the children were playing all together downstairs until it dawned on the foster father the little girl was still in the car. While they didn't say what it was, something came on the TV that all of the sudden jogged their memory that the child was not in the house with the other kids.

The 29-year-old foster parent was booked and then charged at the police station on suspicion of aggravated endangerment. His partner will not face charges in this case, according to an updated ABC News article on Friday afternoon.

The couple had planned to adopt the little girl who lost her life in the hot car. They had cared for her most of her young life. The couple had three other foster children ages 3, 5 and 18. They also have two adopted children who are ages 5 and 7.

According to authorities today, this makes 18 deaths in the nation of a child who was left in a hot car. Many more children were reported around the nation who were left in hot cars, but rescued before a tragedy such as this one occurred.

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