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Kansas aviator's best friend's become their co-pilot's

Flying Dog's
Flying Dog's
by Craig Smith

Yes it is true, a dog can be a man's best friend and co-pilot. Such is true for pilot's, Craig Smith and Jerry Cobb. Craig, while having his A240 LSA airplane based at the Vinland Valley Airport in Kansas became hangar neighbors with Jerry Cobb and his Vintage Luscombe airplane. What the two have in common is the love and enthusiasm for aviation, and the desire to share this with their dog's by bringing them into the cockpit as their co-pilot.

by Craig Smith

Both dog's while different in many ways, still shared a common love for flying as do their captain's. Craig's dog Sarah, and Jerry's dog Cindy, were both old and in the eve of their years Sarah has since passed away leaving Craig with many fond memories of flights together from past beautiful Kansas day's. Cindy also succumbing to old age, not able to leap into the old Luscombe any longer but must be lovingly lifted into her co-pilot seat by the arms of her captain.

The captain's only needed to mention the words, airport or airplane to send Sarah and Cindy into a excited frenzy of tail wagging and barking as they looked forward to another flight.

As Sarah and Cindy sat in their co-pilot seats, they seemed to have a professionalism about them as they intensely watch the instruments, and then scanning to the outside as if keeping close watch for other traffic.

What a beautiful jester to share one's love of flying with others, even man's best friend, his dog.

Fly Safe

Craig Smith