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Kandi’s Wedding: Todd’s mom calls Mama Joyce the ‘B’ word during fight

Did Mama Joyce have it coming?
Did Mama Joyce have it coming?

In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” Unfortunately this isn’t the case for some very important people involved with Kandi’s wedding. Kandi’s two best friends Carmon and Tan, have tolerated one another for many years but aren’t exactly fond of each other.

Carmon and Tan’s disdain for each other was evident when they helped Kandi pick out a wedding cake and met up for the dress fitting. The tension went from zero to sixty when these two gathered with the rest of the bridesmaids to discuss the bachelorette party: Phaedra Parks (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Rasheeda (rapper from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), Weenie (Kandi’s cousin) and Kwame (the Bridesman).

Tan is annoyed with Carmon’s excessive drinking and Carmon is annoyed with Tan’s rigid planning that allows no room for anyone else’s input. All of the fake niceties dissolved when Tan brought up old news about Carmon’s and Mama Joyce’s altercation. Tan scolded Carmon for her behavior and suggested Carmon apologize to Mama Joyce.

Carmon: I appreciate you feel that you need to give me your advice but no thank you. I’m good. So bye Felicia.

Phaedra: Who is Felicia?

Carmon: The random b**** that no one gives a f*** about.

The others break up the fight and try to get the ladies to focus on keeping the peace for Kandi’s sake. That fight was a light drizzle compared to the hurricane that occurred at dinner when Todd’s mom came into town.

Ms. Tucker, Todd’s mom, came into town ready to defend her son against Mama Joyce if necessary. Mama Joyce and her sister’s show up to an awkwardly silent dinner at first until Mama Joyce complains that Ms. Tucker can stay over, but she isn’t allowed to do the same. Ms. Tucker demanded that Mama Joyce stop disrespecting her son and threatening to set him up.

Mama Joyce denied ever trying to set Todd up. Mama Joyce wags her finger in Ms. Tucker’s face so Ms. Tucker pushes it away and shouts, “You got the wrong one now, b****.” Todd escorts his mom out of the room while Kandi and her aunts hold Mama Joyce back. Once the storm passes the aunts preach about forgiving and forgetting and to let it all go. Ms. Tucker apologizes for the b word, but Mama Joyce’s expression shows she is still hanging on to the anger.

Todd attempts to lighten the mood by revealing that Kandi is pregnant. Mama Joyce clutches her forehead to keep her brain from exploding. Kandi lets them know she’s not pregnant and they all laugh it off…except Mama Joyce, of course.

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