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Kandi’s Wedding: The wedding that almost didn’t happen

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tucker
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tucker

A lot had to happen in just a twenty four hour period in order to bring Kandi and Todd together in holy matrimony. First, Todd got the prenup just a couple of days before the wedding. His lawyer strongly advised him not to sign it, which Kandi didn’t understand why he was hesitating to sign on the dotted line.

Should Todd have signed the prenup?

Two points in the prenup that bothered Todd the most was he had to move out in thirty days if they broke up and in the event she dies Todd is left with nothing. Todd stormed out of the rehearsal dinner, which had all the guests questioning if the wedding would even happen. Mama Joyce was too thrilled to hear there was trouble in paradise.

After Todd had a talk with his level-headed boys he went back to talk to Kandi and work out the changes in the prenup. However, when he had to agree via video recording to all the bullet points of the revised document he seemed to be struggling to accept the terms. Kandi’s prenup was iron clad tight. Todd signed the document literally a few hours before the wedding.

Mama Joyce didn’t miss a beat. She managed to make Todd’s daughter uncomfortable, ignore Todd’s mom and make Riley and Kandi cry because she wouldn’t stop arguing. Poor Riley had to ask her to stop fussing. This was the only time Mama Joyce had apologized all season.

Her wedding was a star-studded affair including a huge portion of Bravo TV stars but also the following guests: Tamar and Vince, Sherri Shepherd, Jazze Pha, Musiq Soulchild (sang at the ceremony), singer Monica, Derek J and Lawrence, Sheree, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Chef Roble and a host of other celebs. Her guests had to be starving seeing as how the wedding didn’t start until an hour and a half later.

Despite all the drama, the wedding was flawless. Ladies adorned in African garb dropped petals at Todd’s feet as he made his way to the makeshift altar while Q Parker, formerly of 112, sang a beautiful ballet. Mad Scientist sang “Queen to Be” from the movie and then dancers mimicked the African dance scene in Coming to America before the ostrich feathers dropped to reveal Kandi in her custom ostrich-feathered wedding gown.

The reception wasn’t just a party it was a concert. Everyone danced in a Soul Train line and then Bell Biv Devoe performed Poison. Interesting musical choice to have them sing “never trust a big butt and a smile”, cause if Todd followed that advice he wouldn’t be marrying Kandi.

“It’s like I went into a party and came out married,” Todd joked. And the cutest line to close out the show is when Todd decided to pick Kandi up and carry her out of the reception and was struggling. Kandi said, “Don’t put your back out cause you got work to do tonight.”

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