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Kandi’s Wedding: Kandi stuck in the middle of Todd and Mama Joyce…again

Kandi in the middle
Kandi in the middle

Kandi is putting a lot of effort into planning her wedding with only one month left to organize it all. Any bride would be stressed, but hers is heightened with the extravagant details such as tigers, giraffes and thirty dancers performing to African music just like in Coming to America.

She’s all business with the wedding plans and dealing with the personal stuff in addition to that. Kandi grabs a bite to eat with her father, Pastor Titus Burruss and discusses the struggles she’s having with Mama Joyce accepting Todd and the upcoming nuptials. With some probing from Kandi, her father walks down memory lane explaining how Mama Joyce’s sisters ran interference in his marriage. He even claims at one point Mama Joyce had a restraining order against him preventing him from seeing Kandi from time to time.

“You don’t know a lot of stuff, baby.” Pastor Titus claimed. Kandi wiped her tears away and let bygones be bygones before formally asking her dad to officiate the wedding. He gladly accepts.

Mama Joyce calls her ex-husband a liar or better yet, suffering from Alzheimer’s. She claims she never had a restraining order and if she did it shouldn’t have stopped the birthday and Christmas presents from coming regardless.

Kandi decides to be open and honest with Todd that Mama Joyce called his dad a pimp, but she left out the part where she called his mama a former prostitute. Todd was clearly upset with the pimp rumor, especially since his father died when he was three.

“I’m telling you now and I’m warning you now,” Todd expresses to Kandi. Words she didn’t take to kindly too, but he reminded her that he’s been dealing with her mom’s bull for over a year. Not only is this stressing Todd out, but he has concerns about the prenup. Mostly because Kandi hasn’t presented it to him yet.

Todd discusses his concerns with Apollo. Apollo advises Todd to have an attorney read over the prenup and voice his opinion when he reads over it. Apollo was forthcoming about his situation when he signed his prenup with Phaedra. He signed on the dotted line without hesitation. He was straight out of prison and states he trusted his wife.

“The part I’m worried about is she hasn’t given me the document yet. So you’re gonna give it to me the day before [the wedding]? ” Todd wondered out loud.

Against Kandi’s wishes, Todd confronts Mama Joyce about the “pimp” comment. She admits to saying it without so much as raising an eyebrow or blinking an eye. “The people in the streets”, as she calls them confirmed it to be true. Todd is frustrated with her level of disrespect. Kandi interjects about as well as Beyonce did when Solange put her hands on Jay Z in the elevator.

Todd doesn’t know how he can get getting married with all the drama Mama Joyce brings. Kandi tries to keep the tears from building up when she asks her mom to walk her down the aisle to give her away. The silence was deafening.

Mama Joyce finally advises her to ask her dad to do it. Walking her down the aisle is asking for too much, Mama Joyce said as carefully as she could. However, the look on Kandi’s face showed how her words struck like invisible daggers to Kandi’s heart.

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