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Kandi’s Wedding: Champagne wishes, caviar dreams on a Budweiser budget

Mama Joyce looks thrilled to be there
Mama Joyce looks thrilled to be there

First there was the Kim Zolciak wedding, and then NeNe Leakes' wedding and now Kandi Burris is the next housewife to have her spin-off wedding special on Bravo TV. And just like the other shows, Kandi’s wedding series is sure to be packed with mayhem, spectacles and tom foolery.

Todd is the first to point out that Kandi’s ideal six figure wedding budget is filled with champagne wishes and caviar dreams on a Budweiser budget. However, by the end of this first episode it would appear that her wedding sounds more like a champagne budget and hoodrat (ok fine, Budweiser) planning.

With less than two months to plan and execute this wedding extravaganza, Kandi enlists her friends/employees to work some fast-paced magic to make the wedding of her dreams come to life. Kandi’s cheap behind chooses cheap labor over experience. Her three employees don’t have a clue how to plan a wedding let alone one of this magnitude, but that doesn’t phase Kandi one bit. Why hire some fancy wedding coordinator when you can use your inexperienced staff?

Carmon, her best friend/assistant, Don Juan the Manager and Johnnie the new Production Coordinator have only a few weeks to execute all of her ideas. Kandi’s Coming to America themed wedding must be complete with lions, tigers and bears…oh my! Wait, wrong movie. Nonetheless, since she met Todd in Africa she wants animals everywhere and someone to sing the infamous song from the movie –“She’s your Queen to be”. Don Juan says everyone is gonna laugh at this production. He may be on to something.

Kandi hires Reco Chapple, an Atlanta designer to make her wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Poor Reco has to custom design 9 dresses in less than 5 weeks. All he had to say was the magic word “free” and he was given the job.

Outside of all the ridiculous wedding ideas she still has to get Mama Joyce on board. Kandi’s Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha were originally against her marrying Todd, but have since apologized and given their blessing. The two aunts tried to sway Mama Joyce too, but Mama Joyce is as stubborn as a mule. Mama Joyce took it to the next level when she calls Todd’s daddy and mama a pimp and a prostitute.

Todd reads Carmon and Johnnie the riot act when he feels they aren’t stepping up to the plate and wasting precious time with the wedding plans. The argument causes Carmon and Kandi to yell and cry about it. Final conclusion, Carmon is removed from the wedding plans in order to save their twenty-plus year friendship.

Expect the drama to amp up in upcoming episodes all the way on the actual wedding day. Don’t miss it! Episodes air on Bravo TV on Sunday nights 8 pm eastern time.

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