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Kandi Burruss' wedding has a lion? Bravo sneak peek reveals insane request

Kandi Burruss has a lion in her wedding
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The fans of Kandi Buruss have always thought that the reality star was one of the more level headed stars on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Never getting in the middle of ridiculous arguments and steering clear of outrageous drama. However, the promos of “Kandi’s Wedding: Say Yes to Distress” reveals that Kandi requested a lion to be part of her big day. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday, Kandi Burruss got a spin off show about her nuptials.

“Kandi’s Wedding: Say Yes to Distress” takes over on Sunday nights on Bravo. Showcasing the moments up to the big day the fans are going to be offered a chance to see all the drama behind the scenes. In the Bravo promos there is plenty of drama to see. Mama Joyce is upset with the wedding, Todd is refusing a prenuptial agreement and there is all the details of having the perfect wedding day that need to fall in place.

Plus, there is the lion. A full-size lion is seen in the Bravo promos for Kandi’s new show. Lounging in an over sized kennel only feet from the reality star, the lion looks like it was a prop, but it’s pretty obvious this is real animal. Wanting to have this animal as part of the wedding, it appears that Kandi got her request. The “Coming to America” themed wedding has a bit of an exotic feel with this big animal hanging around.

So how does a real lion fit into a wedding? Usually lions are seen at zoos or found walking the land when people go on a safari trip. Seeing a lion in Atlanta is just plain weird (and a little uncomfortable.) It’s also intriguing too. Will fans get to see Kandi Burruss turn into a Bridezilla like seen on other reality shows? There is indication this might be possible as a lion seems to be at the request of the bride.

“Kandi’s Wedding: Say Yes to Distress” premieres on Sunday night on Bravo.

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