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Kandi Burruss visits grave with Mama Joyce: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ news

Kandi Burruss
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Kandi Burruss reveals a difficult moment by visiting a grave with Mama Joyce on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Wetpaint reports on Wednesday that the reality stars have a touching discussion at the grave of Patrick. Burruss and Mama Joyce share how Patrick would have fit into their lives and the contributions he could have made to the music industry.

Burruss does not talk often about her brother, Patrick, but the difficult visit to his grave with her mother forced her to open up about him. In an exclusive video from Bravo, the reality star shared that she thinks about working with her brother and how he could have contributed to the industry. Burruss reveals several emotional moments with her mother while adding details about her brother.

Patrick passed away at the age of 22 in a car accident. Burruss, who was only 15, describes the death of her brother as the most devastating day in her life. She mentions talking to him in her dreams after he passed away and praying to see him again. She also adds that she used to think he was just in school instead of dead. It is clear that both Burruss and Mama Joyce have been deeply affected by the loss of Patrick who continues to have an impact on their lives.

Burruss describes her brother as a mediator who would help her deal with Mama Joyce. The relationship between the mother and daughter has been tense at times, but Mama Joyce has to admit that Patrick was always able to help. Some fans have been left wondering if Patrick would have been able to bring a more balanced view that would have benefited everyone. Fans have asked if Patrick’s presence would have changed how Mama Joyce handles Todd Tucker, and they believe he would have added a calming effect to the family.

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