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Kandi Burruss' marriage doomed to fail? Talks Mama Joyce's failed relationships

Kandi Burruss' marriage doomed to fail?
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Kandi Burruss of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is banking that her latest relationship and marriage to Todd Tucker is going to last. Offering up a glimpse of the struggle and ceremony with the fans, she got a show just about the nuptials and fans turn in every week to see how it all plays out. According to Reality Tea on Friday, Burruss knows that she will need to work hard on her marriage as her parents didn't offer her a good role model for making a marriage work.

Mama Joyce definitely has been a big part of Kandi’s wedding as she has repeatedly voiced concerns. According to Kandi, even her mom didn't offer an example that gave her an understanding on how to make a marriage work. Both of her parents have been married multiple times and Burruss didn't forget this fact when she made her own commitment to Todd. Looking to make her marriage work, it appears that Kandi was force to focus elsewhere on how she could have a successful marriage.

Sharing about her decision to move forward in Ebony Magazine, Kandi calls her relationship with Todd a “force.” Being able to work and live with the man she loves seems to be a good fit for the star who apparently is very happy. Of course, everyone hopes that Mama Joyce is happy for the marriage too, but it seems she still might be on the fence.

While Kandi Burruss is sharing her wedding with the fans on Bravo, her life is already in full swing after getting married. Working on new projects and getting heavily involved with other ventures, the star has already gotten comfortable with married life and can hardly wait to find out what might be next.

The fans can’t wait to find out either! With the Bravo special “Kandi's Wedding” returning on Sunday night, the viewers are going to see more preparation of the big day which was put together in four weeks.

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