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Kaley Cuoco's wedding cake on the ceiling starts chandelier cakes trend

Was Kaley Cuoco’s wedding cake upside down on New Year’s Eve? It was! Now the newly married star is starting a trend and it has everyone thinking about having their own wedding chandelier cake on the big day. According to the Today Show on Tuesday, the wedding cake has fans wanting a cake hanging from the ceiling too.

“TY to #thebutterend for creating our magical chandelier cake. Literally hanging above us. EPIC,” wrote Kaley Cuoco on Instagram. Attaching a picture the fans immediately saw a vision of a cake that was quite splendid. It also too a minute to realize the cake really was upside down and not an illusion.

The cake was made by attaching a pole to the chandelier and then levels were added by planning in each tier. Hand constructed, the cake maker needed to decorate the tiers individually and to keep it all in place, the weight had to be distributed appropriately.

Now the phones of The Butter End Cakery haven’t stopped ringing as the chandelier cake has people interested in making this creation for their special day. Owner Kimberly Bailey had to cancel her vacation to make Cuoco’s cake, but it appears to be worth it as the star has brought the cake specialist more business.

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