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Kaley Cuoco nude photos? Master list reveals 100 stars hacked for pics

Kaley Cuoco is on the master list of nude photos hacked
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Seen the Kaley Cuoco nude photos? Hopefully not as her pictures were hacked and shouldn't be online legally. The master list of female celebrities that have been hacked is a list of epic proportions that covers every area of entertainment. While social media blew up over the first batch released as the pictures were Jennifer Lawrence nude photos, what might follow has PR agents in Hollywood heading to work on Sunday night. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine on Sunday, the master list pretty much names every female star who currently is popular.

There is no doubt that damage control and working with the police is the highest priority for most of the stars and their management companies. For every star on the list including Selena Gomez and Hillary Duff the idea of having naked photos online is a big concern for their career and for their image. Their teams need to make sure none of these pictures have a lasting digital home for fans to see and because they were hacked, the pictures are private property.

So what if the pictures are fake? It’s even more important that any digital alterations be made note of immediately and announced to the fans. Then the pressure starts, PR agents probably are already letting blogs, news outlets and even social media know that sharing or publishing a picture could mean trouble as there will be financial and criminal actions taken.

This isn’t the first time a nude photo scandal has hit Hollywood, but this time the hackers have an advantage by hitting the entertainment world on a holiday weekend. Since this issue surrounds privacy, it’s expected that entertainment executives are on the phone already making sure that the photos stop spreading before all 100 stars on the master list are exposed.

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