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Kaley Cuoco is sick; Ryan Sweeting offers ‘Big Bang’ star relief

Kaley Cuoco has been fighting an illness for a few days and her fans of the “The Big Bang Theory” are wondering if the star is going to be OK. According to Cuoco's Instagram account on Thursday the star has Ryan Sweeting to thank as he has been there during her time of need.

“Best husband on this earth, taking care of his sick wife. I love you so much @ ryansweething,” wrote Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley included a picture of her sweetheart waiting in the doctor’s office, the new tattoo was even seen on his arm. According to the Huffington Post on Thursday the new ink was a way to physically show his commitment and give everyone an idea on how he feels about the actress.

Perhaps Ryan Sweeting is already concerned about the obligations that new ink is causing him? He’s been married less than three weeks and it’s already finding out the “through sickness and in health” phrase of the wedding vows are being utilized.

Fans think the tattoo on his arm was a very big commitment to Kaley Cuoco after getting married as the mark is for life. Yet anyone who has been in a relationship knows the biggest commitment is taking care of your partner when they are seriously ill. Hopefully Kaley Cuoco gets well soon as the taping of “The Big Bang Theory” should be starting any day now.

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