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Kaley Cuoco chops off hair: 'Big Bang Theory' star shows new look

Kaley Cuoco goes short for summer.
Kaley Cuoco goes short for summer.
Kaley Cuoco Instagram

Kaley Cuoco chops off her hair in time for the hot summer months ahead, and she decided to show off her new look to fans on her Instagram right away. The actress had been teasing about cutting her hair since last month, but she finally went through with it. On April 23, Us Magazine shared the details about her new hair style.

The blonde actress went from her long locks to a short bob cut. She thanked her hairstylist for the new look once it was complete. Christine Symonds is the hairstylist responsible for the new look.

Cuoco has been busy lately. She has been posting her support for various causes on her Twitter account in recent days. She has also been showing her love for dogs at the same time. Kaley Cuoco has gone through a lot of changes in the past year. She married Ryan Sweeting, and she is enjoying her life. It was the perfect time to make a change to her hair as well.

One thing that will not change for this actress is her career. CBS has picked up "Big Bang Theory" for another three seasons. This series has been popular on the network since the start, and it still shows no signs of stopping. Fans tune in weekly to find out what will happen next to Sheldon and his friends.

What do you think of Kaley's new look? Was it a good decision to cut her hair?