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Kaley Cuoco chops off hair: 'Big Bang' actress cuts her hair off for real

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Kaley Cuoco chops off her hair! Stop the presses! "The Big Bang Theory" actress cut off her long blonde locks, leaving her with a super trendy chic bob. According to Us Weekly, Cuoco actually proved her cut was real this time, just one month after faking her Instagram followers out with a trick pic that showed her with "short" hair.

To make everyone believe it was true, Cuoco posted photos on Instagram to chronicle her experience. In the first photo, Cuoco was sitting in stylist Christine Symonds' chair with wet hair, and it appeared as if it was already cut. Seemingly excited to take the leap, Cuoco wrote "Here we go!" as the photo's caption.

Kaley Cuoco chopped off her hair and dyed it too -- "Cut,color, joy, joy,joy !!!" she wrote along with the photo above -- and she looks great. She really can pull off a bob! It's unknown how her haircut will translate into "The Big Bang Theory" but if they are filming any time soon, Penny won't have long hair. Granted this is television and she could easily be fitted for extensions, even if they are only temporary.

When Kaley Cuoco chops off her hair, it trends -- and perhaps in more ways than one. Not only are people checking out Kaley's new 'do on the Internet, but she just may have started a new short hair trend... would you cut your hair short like Kaley's?