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Kaiser report: 90 percent of Florida residents qualify for healthcare subsidy

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A Kaiser Family Foundation report has found that 90 percent of Floridians qualify for healthcare subsidies from the Affordable Care Act.

According to the Orlando Sentinel on March 31, 442,000 Floridians had selected a plan from the federal healthcare exchange site, The Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," provides Americans with healthcare subsidies to lower- and middle income citizens through exchanges, either from the state or through the federal government.

The average annual subsidy per enrollee in Florida starts at $2,950, according to the report. The Florida average is slightly higher than the national average, which current starts at $2,890.

The average subsidy doled out by the Affordable Care Act varies by state. For example, the state with the lowest average subsidy is the District of Columbia, with an average of $1,350 a year, while the highest is Wyoming, with $4,980 a year in healthcare subsidies.

According to the Kaiser report, the healthcare law is expected to pay out over $10 billion in subsidies, with more than half of that going to residents in California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and New York.

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