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Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson - sell out or revolutionary?

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has recently signed on to judge BBC1's version of The Voice in the UK. He will be joining Kylie Minogue, and Sir Tom Jones. This week, Wilson revealed why he chose to take the gig - and it might not be why you think.

Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs on The Voice (UK) red carpet.
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The Kaiser Chiefs singer spoke candidly with The Guardian about the band's diminishing success and how they had only themselves to blame. Wilson claims that as record sales dwindle, bands must keep up by writing better songs or doing something new to keep people interested. It is to this end that Wilson agreed to take the job as a talent judge on The Voice.

Wilson said in the interview that being on the show had been good for him, and that during filming he had a lot of moments which made him realize he just might have been finding too much to complain about. The most striking statement made by Wilson, in another interview with NME, was that he's "not a f***ing idiot" and knows that using the show as a venue for selling more tickets and albums could work.

Wilson convinced his Kaiser Chiefs bandmates to come around and stop being fearful of the dreaded term "selling out," but it remains to be seen if the band's fans will agree. The Kaiser Chiefs are not known for following other acts of their generation in pretending that success, money and awards aren't welcome, so it is probably safe to say that anyone who has stuck with the band this long won't be bothered by such a move. Either way, Wilson is enjoying being the first "indie star" to take a job on a talent judging show, and props to him for that.

Kaiser Chiefs release their latest album 'Education, Education, Education & War' in North America on April 1st. Fans can preorder the album from Amazon.

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