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Kailyn Lowry of 'Teen Mom 2' shocks fans with new photo

Kailyn Lowry of 'Teen Mom 2' and Vee Torres are getting along and it is awesome!
Kailyn Lowry of 'Teen Mom 2' and Vee Torres are getting along and it is awesome!

Kailyn Lowry is by far one of the most mature girls to be featured on the hit MTV show “Teen Mom 2.” Despite her maturity, she had a hard time accepting Jo Rivera’s girlfriend, Vee. The two ladies didn’t get along, but it looks like that is all water under the bridge according to a March 25 report.

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres were in attendance at Isaac Rivera’s art show at school, but Kailyn Lowry was also there! She shared a photo of the art show on Instagram which showed Kail, Jo, Isaac, and Vee! Everyone appeared to be getting along, but that wasn’t the only photo she shared that surprised fans.

Kailyn Lowry posted a photo of her and Vee Torres together with the caption, “Who would have thought?!”

It’s true that “Teen Mom 2” fans didn’t think these two women would ever get along. Kail has never been shy about her feelings for Vee, though. When Jo Rivera and Vee Torres initially got together, Kailyn Lowry found some less than flattering photos of Vee on a social networking site. As can be imagined, Kail was a little uneasy about Vee being in Isaac’s life, even storming of the stage at a “Teen Mom 2” reunion special when Vee was set to come out on stage.

Even though these two ladies have had their issues, it looks like both Kailyn Lowry and Vee Torres have set their differences aside for Isaac. Co-parenting is hard, but Kailyn and Jo are doing better and it appears that they are even getting along despite what the current season of “Teen Mom 2” would lead you to believe. Remember, the episodes were taped a few months ago leaving plenty of time for Kailyn Lowy, Jo Rivera, and Vee Torres to all get along.

While a lot of people slam “Teen Mom 2” for reportedly promoting teen pregnancy, it is things like this that truly show the educational benefits of the show. Co-parenting is never easy, but the fact that these girls are showing their fans that it is possible is great.

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