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Kailyn Lowry corrects Isaac's behavior, but some say she 'snapped'

Kailyn Lowry stars on "Teen Mom 2"
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Even though the girls are now women are no longer teenagers, viewers still enjoy watching "Teen Mom." As the children get older, the parents go through tough phases and trying to correct inappropriate behavior. On Aug. 13, Hollywood Life published an article about Kailyn Lowry along with a video clip.

The headline of the article was misleading. Even though the url says something more neutral, the website has the headline, "Kailyn snaps when Isaac misbehaves in front of friends." The content of the article doesn't say anything about her snapping, but does say that she lost her patience. After watching the clip, it was clear that Kailyn didn't snap or lose her patience at all. In fact, she was very calm the entire time even though it was frustrating.

At the beginning of the clip Kailyn and Isaac were playing in his "castle." Then her friends came over and she went to talk to them. Right after they started to have a conversation, Isaac came into the room and kept talking. It was clear he wanted attention, but at his age, kids need to learn that there are times when the focus is on them and there are times when it is not.

Kailyn did everything right and did it calmly. She did not lose her temper, she didn't yell or say anything inappropriate and she certainly didn't "snap." After a few minutes of trying to redirect him and then instructing him to go into the other room to play with his toys, he was still being defiant and started to bang his hands on the table.

At this point, Kailyn took him into a bedroom, closed the door and dealt with her son. Even though it was clear that she was frustrated, she didn't raise her voice or yell. She calmly took her son into a room to privately correct the behavior. This is exactly what parents are supposed to do.

Kailyn Lowry is an excellent mother and this is just another example of how she is doing her best to raise her son properly. Did you watch the clip of Kailyn and Isaac? What do you think of people saying she "snapped" or "lost her patience?"

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