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Kail Lowry: Jo Rivera Doesn't Want Isaac In Preschool

Kail Lowry and her son Issac during her wedding to Javi Marroquin.

Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera have never been all that great when it comes to co-parenting. Since their breakup years ago, the pair seems to be holding a grudge against one another and often, it seems as if they are more concerned with giving the other a hard time than doing what is best for Isaac.

In the latest development in their ongoing issues, Kail is revealing that Jo is even against preschool because he wants Isaac all to himself.

"He doesn't think that Isaac should be in school right now," Kail told Wetpaint Entertainment on Monday, January 13. "He thinks that he should be spending that time with Isaac. He thinks it's not completely necessary for him to go to preschool. That's Jo's argument, and to each their own, but in my house, I want them to be in school."

While it may be understandable that any parent wouldn't want to lose time with their child, especially when dealing with split custody, Isaac deserves to have the experience of being in school.

Sure, preschool is optional, but if a child has the opportunity to learn and interact with other children, he should be able to.

"[Isaac]'s there Thursday through Sunday, every other week, so it's pretty often," Kail says of Jo's current custody arrangement, " but [Jo]'s still fighting me on that."

Since Jo likely gets his son on Thursday evening, he would only be losing a half a day twice a month which is next to nothing. He should really think hard about his reasoning for doing this and instead of thinking about himself, think about his son.

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