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'Kaijudo' to launch two new formats: Standard and Booster Draft

"Kaijudo" Clash block
"Kaijudo" Clash block
Wizards of the Coast

According to an announcement today Jan. 29, 2014 on by Wizards of the Coast starting with their upcoming "Kaijudo" set "Quest for the Gauntlet" on May 30, 2014 "Kaijudo" organized play will support two additional formats: Standard and Booster Draft.

In "Kaijudo" Standard players bring their own decks made up from cards from the current block year and previous block year. This rotating format keeps the game constantly changing for players highlighting new cards and strategies from recent sets and makes it easier for newer players to acquire the cards they need.

In "Kaijudo" Booster Draft players can sharpen their deck building skills and strategy with new booster packs of cards. To make drafting a better experience, Wizards of the Coast will be increasing the size of booster packs from nine cards to 14, with no increase in msrp of booster packs

Don' worry: You'll still be able to use all your old "Kaijudo" cards in the Open Format, which allows you to construct a deck with every card printed to date.

Because of the new "Kaijudo" formats there will be more organized play offerings in addition to Set Premieres and Duel Days. Upcoming releases include the "Kaijudo" Booster Brawl on Feb. 21, 2014 and the upcoming expansion The 5 Mystics on March 14, 2014. Additionally, more competitive players can participate in the Spring Kaijudo Master Challenge season, which ends May 4, 2014.

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