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Kahoots review


Courtesy of Honeyslug

Kahoots was originally a flash game for the PC that starred a little blue Kahoot whose only goal in life is to traverse strange levels and find the exits. The Kahoot moves back and forth on his own, and he will never walk of the edge of a ledge or really do anything of his own volition other than walk back and forth. It's the player's job to steer him toward the exit by swapping the blocks he walks on. Some of the blocks are trap doors--which allow the Kahoot to drop down--or jumping blocks--which bounce him up and over--and some are spikes--which will kill the Kahoot on contact. For extra bonus, players can try to send the Kahoot on a brief detour to collect all the yummy cupcakes floating around.

This game reached the PSP Mini store in Europe in October, and it's finally made its way to the store in the United States. Now players can play this highly addictive block swapping puzzle game whenever they like.

For those who have never experienced Kahoots before, this game is an excellent puzzler. You can pause the game at any time to get a quick layout of the land, and fortunately, whenever you swap the blocks, the game is paused as well so you can make those last minute swaps with little difficulty. The Kahoot does not have a set number of lives, so you can take as many tries as you need to solve the level.

But if you hate the level or want to come back to it later, you can simply skip it. Players start with a map at the beginning of the game, and from here they can select any level they want to play. However, it is advised that you don't go too far ahead, because there are brief tutorials, or rather explanations, given by the odd Pugbeast in the levels that introduce a new concept, such as the cannons and cardborgs. You wouldn't want to be caught by a cardborg unaware of the doom he brings.

This game does not have as low of a price as Blast Off! or Echoes, but $4.49 is still a reasonable price when compared to other PSP Minis, especially other PSP Minis that are ports. In fact, this slightly higher price is the only thing I could find wrong with this game.

Everything else about it is great. The graphics are cute--possibly too cute for the guys, but they should not let this deter them from the game--and the controls are easy enough to understand and implement, which is perfect for a puzzler that gets progressively difficult. There is even a high replayability factor for those who like to obtain everything--find all the cakes--and kill everything--kill all cardborgs.

In short, there is no reason for any action-puzzle fan with a PSP to not download this game. I personally do not care for these types of games, but I could not put it down for hours after download.

It's so nice to see that the PSP Mini store is getting some great games.