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Kagan and Sotomayor make their case for idiocy against Hobby Lobby

Anything for election year
Anything for election year
Chip Bok, Syndicated Cartoonist

The Supreme Court’s collusion twins Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor have established once and for all that ideology is thicker than justice and that reasonable compassion has given way to harsh liberal doctrine. The girls’ line of questioning (in the form of bossy instruction) to legal representation of Hobby Lobby this week was transparently uncaring to the employees of the company as well as to covered workers across the land and will play a role in determining whether or not Freedom of Religion means anything in Obama’s transformed and ugly world.

The summation of the day by the robed witchlike sisters was that the plaintiff business owners “have a choice”. By that, they meant that in today’s Amerika, they can toe the line drawn solely by the Democrats with their unprecedented government intrusion, or, they may pay a formidable fine and ceremoniously abandon their workforce. Under this “choice”, they just drop the insurance plan always provided to their people, and dispatch the hapless employees to go duke it out with Big Brother’s nightmare exchanges (administered by unaccountable low level bureaucratic workers and, of course, felons eager to set up their billing).

Plain and simple. If an employer has a problem with a violation of personal faith by providing drugs that terminate pregnancies, they might as well disqualify themselves from the task of covering their workers for monumental matters such as cancer or heart disease. Believe it or not, this is considered sound judgment to the twits out there that call themselves free thinking liberals.

Chief Justice John Roberts, the nation’s traitor last year on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (renaming the fine a tax to satisfy his high legal conscience), reminded the unprepared leftist mouthpiece Sotomayor that part of the lawsuit was that Hobby Lobby wanted “to provide healthcare for its employees”.

And the flippant response from Sonia the Just? “Well if they wanted to do that, they can just pay a greater salary and let the employees go in on the exchange” as if that would be just another “one size fits all” pay increase for each worker.

I had to wonder if Nancy Pelosi just sat in for a moment while Sotomayor took a potty break. No, this is just another example of the untreatable mental illness we have come to expect from cheerleaders anointed at Obama’s altar - no longer compelled to do their duty in what used to be positions of honor. Where the up for re-election contestants now clearly understand the consequences of fraternizing carelessly with a corrupt, over-reaching White House, these life appointed scammers may never wake up to realize that the People are finally keen to the scam and are fighting mad about it.

There were two schools of judiciary going on this week in the Supreme Court hearing. One group was looking at the panoramic excellence of the Constitution that has for centuries included and protected the First Amendment and the freedoms that it guarantees, even when abused by liberal folly. The other faction was focused away from that and had its crosshairs squarely on the sanctity of the morning after pill and the legality of imposed epidemic suffering necessary to preserve it.

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