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Kaepernick 911 calls released: Colin 'glad the truth is getting out'

The Kaepernick 911 calls were released on Tuesday, and people have been quite curious to see just what they contain. Will they serve to clear the NFL pro in the sexual assault investigation? Colin Kaepernick says he's glad the calls have been released, according to TMZ.

The Kaepernick 911 calls have been released
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

The 911 calls released both came from the apartment the night the incident took place. Both callers indicated that there was a woman on the bed, nude, refusing to leave. One caller has been identified as Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks. He indicated that the woman wouldn't leave until she spoke with someone else at the apartment, seemingly Kaepernick, and that her link to the other person was that she wanted to get intimate with him.

Though the Kaepernick 911 calls have been released, authorities are still investigating and have not released other information regarding the rape kit or other tests done on the woman making the allegations. TMZ released the 911 calls, and both of them were made around midnight on April 2. One man was identified as someone with security and both callers said that a woman would not leave.

Kaepernick, Lockette and Quinton Patton of the 49ers have all been named as suspects in the sexual assault investigation. The woman alleges that she smoked marijuana at the apartment and started to get intimate with Colin. She claims that she got undressed, eventually blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed. Police talked with the woman at the hospital and a rape kit was done.

The 49ers star denies having done anything wrong and the investigation continues. For his part, Colin tweeted that he is supportive of the tapes being released. He says that earlier information regarding the alleged incident was "totally wrong."

Colin adds that he looks forward to things getting resolved and he is "glad the truth is getting out." Will the investigation clear the three stars of having done anything wrong? There are still some murky details missing regarding just what went down that night, but many think that the Kaepernick 911 calls released do show another side to this complicated story.

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