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Kaepernick 911 calls: Details of Miami incident revealed

Kaepernick 911 calls reveal more about Miami incident.
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

The Kaepernick 911 calls from an incident that happened in Miami last month have now been released by the police, and they give fans a clearer picture of the incident that happened. This incident has Miami police investigating Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers. On May 7, Yahoo Sports shared the latest details about the incident that happened in the hotel room shared by Kaepernick and two other football players on April 1.

What happened on that night? A woman was in the hotel room being shared by Kaepernick, 49ers teammate Quinton Patton, and Ricardo Lockette from the Seattle Seahawks. The woman was originally at the location to visit Lockette, according to initial reports. After having a few drinks and smoking some marijuana, she went to go lay down in the bedroom.

From there, she would not leave the bed she was in. The bed belonged to Colin Kaepernick. She was waiting for him to return, and she made it clear to Lockette that she wanted to sleep with the player from the 49ers. He was the man behind the first 911 call that evening. The second call came from another man, and he was asked if the woman was there to see her boyfriend. Kaepernick had no connection to the woman, and he was definitely not her boyfriend.

Since the incident, Kaepernick has spoken out, and he revealed that he has become "stronger" because of the accusations made against him because of the incident. The woman claimed to have kissed him, and he took off her clothes. Neither happened. He wasn't even in the room when she was there. Kaepernick and the other men involved have not been charged with any crime. However, the investigation is still on-going. The reason for that is not known.

What do you think happened that night? Did the woman have a bit too much to drink and get excited about the prospect of meeting the 49ers quarterback? It sounds possible, but there is still more to this story it seems with the investigation still happening.

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