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Kacy Austin-Elijah Johnson: Son arrested in Waterbury mother's murder

Kacy Austin was murdered by her own son in her own home
Kacy Austin was murdered by her own son in her own home

Fox CT is reporting today that a 17-year old African-American teen has been arrested in connection with a Connecticut cold case. Police say Elijah Johnson strangled his mother in her bedroom on January 21 because she would not let him use the car. The Sacred Heart High School teen is being held on $1 million dollars bail.

Case Background: According to the Republican American, Kacy Austin was a good mother. Elijah Johnson was attending Sacred Hearts High School, a Roman Catholic church school in Waterbury. Witnesses say Elijah Johnson was a teen with a temper who often fought with his mother.

Case themes: mother killed by son, teen killer,

Murder type: strangulation

Brief Timeline in the Kacy Austin-Elijah Johnson case



Witnesses say that Elijah Johnson had several altercations with his mother Kacy Austin.

Elijah Johnson attacks his mother with a frying pan, according to NBC Connecticut.

January 21

  • Police records indicate that Catholic high-school student Elijah Johnson is denied use of the family car by his mother Kacy Austin. Elijah Johnson insists on driving the car to Sacred Hearts High School.
  • Kacy Austin is strangled
  • Elijah Johnson drives the car to school but returns home by 11 a.m., after classes are cancelled.
  • Elijah Johnson calls 911 to report finding his mother dead.
  • Police arrive at 448 Tudor Street in Waterbury, where they find a 44-year-old African-American woman dead in her bedroom.
  • The cause of death is determined to be death by strangulation.
  • Police question Elijah Johnson. They take note of scratches on Elijah Johnson.
  • The initial police investigation indicates that Elijah Johnson is a likely suspect.
  • The Waterbury murder case goes cold due to lack of evidence.


  • According to The Courant, Elijah Johnson confessed to his father that he killed his mother. He also told his father that her death was an accident. A teen psychologist contacted police after speaking with Elijah Johnson and his father.
  • Elijah Johnson was arrested and charged with murder. Bond is set at $1 million dollars.

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