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Kacey Musgraves sells out The Rodeo Club

Kacey Musgraves
Kacey Musgraves
Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves has sold out her show at the Rodeo Club in San Jose this Thursday. If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that the country scene is on fire it, should be gone by now. I can't even remember how many country shows have sold out or nearly sold out in the recent past. I absolutely love it!

Kacey was born in Golden, Texas. She began songwriting at the age of eight, when she wrote a song called "Notice Me" for her elementary school graduation. She first learned to play music on the mandolin, and then began taking guitar lessons from a local musician at age 12. She has described it as one of the most important things that ever happened to her. Musgraves first got her start in the country music industry at the age of 18, when her mother would take her to local music festivals to sing western swing music.

While living in Austin in 2008, Kacey was discovered by independent record label Triple Pop, for whom she recorded two songs, "Apologize" and "See You Again". Musgraves joined Lady Antebellum on their Own the Night 2012 tour in the United Kingdom. She also signed with Mercury Records in 2012 and released her solo debut single, "Merry Go 'Round". The song is included on her album, Same Trailer Different Park, which was released on March 19, 2013. She also co-wrote Miranda Lambert's 2013 single "Mama's Broken Heart". Same Trailer Different Park produced additional hit singles, including "Blowin' Smoke" and "Follow Your Arrow". "Undermine", a song co-written by Musgraves and Trent Dabbs, was featured in the ABC television series Nashville on October 17, 2012. Musgraves was nominated for four awards at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, including Female Vocalist of the Year. Kacey's fourth studio album, Same Trailer Different Park, debuted at number 2, selling 42,000 copies. Musgraves was also nominated for four Grammy Awards at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, tying Taylor Swift and Lorde for the most nominations received by a woman that year. Those nominations included Best New Artist, Best Country Album (Same Trailer Different Park), and Best Country Song for both "Mama's Broken Heart" and "Merry Go 'Round". "Merry Go 'Round" won the Best Country Song Grammy, and Same Trailer Different Park won in Best Country Album.

Musgraves is joining Katy Perry on the North American leg of her Prismatic World Tour as well as Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss on select dates during their tour.

Musgraves lists Alison Krauss as one of her career role models. "I mean, how many Grammys does she have? She’s just remained solid and true and great, and I respect that". Musgraves favorite artist is John Prine because of amazing songwriting. and says Lee Ann Womack is one of her childhood influences " Lee Ann Womack is from near where I grew up in east Texas, so I’ve always looked up to her."

Kacey is known for her controversial lyrics in the conservative country music genre. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Musgraves faced criticism for her rebellious lyrics "I think throwing the rebel card out there is really cheap. The things I’m singing about are not controversial to me, I don’t push buttons to push buttons. I talk about things that have made an impression on me that a lot of people everywhere are going through."

Go to for more information about this Thursday's show at The Rodeo Club.