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Kacey Musgraves backstage at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Kacey Musgraves at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
Kacey Musgraves at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
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The 56th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Jan. 26, 2014, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is what this Grammy winner said backstage in the press room.


Winner of:

Best Country Album: “Same Trailer Different Park”

Best Country Song: “Merry Go 'Round”

How does it feel to win Grammy Awards for the first time that you’re nominated, especially since you were up against a lot of veterans?

Everyone in every category I was in is a veteran and is very talented at what they do. I think everyone deserves to be here. I’m very honored as well. I’m thankful.

Are you as shocked as you seem to be?

I am a little shocked. I’ve always wanted to hold these things [she holds up her Grammy Awards]. But really, it feels like a fast rollercoaster. At the same time, it doesn’t, in a weird way, because we’ve been working so hard. This past year has been indescribable — so many firsts for me. And to be starting out 2014 like this is one I’ll never forget.

Other than winning our Grammys, what’s been you favorite part of tonight?

Sharing tonight with my mom has been really cool. She’s never been to L.A. She’s never been to an awards show. So living vicariously through her has been really cool. When my name was called for [Best Country Album], I heard “Same Trailer Different Park,” and I was like, “Oh damn, I didn’t get it. Oh wait! That’s me!” And she was like, “Go! Get up there! That’s you!” Anyway, we had so much fun.

When you made “Same Trailer Different Park,” did you think that you would end up here at the Grammys?

Going into making this record, literally, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally are the two co-producers that I made this record with. And I feel like the stars aligned for us to come together. We were just three friends who started writing together and making amazing songs together that we really loved. I never thought that I would be here, but I just think that it’s meant to be. So many people have had their hand in me being up here.

Did you have any moments of feeling start-struck tonight?

Paul McCartney walked by me earlier. I was just like, “Oh my God.” Also, the Daft Punk guys. I just really want to know what’s under those helmets!

Do you have any advice to up-and-coming artists?

I don’t feel like I’m one to give advice, but I guess if I was going to give any advice, it’s just don’t do anything that’s not what you feel is natural to what you’re comfortable with, because that’s going to come across. The entire key to this whole thing is having the right people around you — people that you trust, people that will fight for you, and people that won’t try to change you no matter what.

If they believe in you, they’ll help you get where you need to go. They won’t need to change it. I’m lucky to have an entire team of people that from the ground up has never once tried to change anything about me. I’m very thankful for that.

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