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Kabbalah 401.5: Honor God and His Wife

Let’s examine the Fifth Commandment, shall we?


Honor your father and your mother, in order that your days may be lengthened on the land that YHVH, your God, is giving you.

This tiny Passage is packed with more than One Meaning. Firstly, we must consider that the mistreatment of the Elderly was very common in many Ancient Mid-Eastern Societies. Here, God is demanding that this not be practiced by the Israelites. Notice that the fulfillment of this Commandment is linked here to the Promised Land. "Take care of the Elderly, and you, too, will live long".

A Second, alternate interpretation, has to do with the Godhead Itself. As is recognized in the New Age Movement, God is neither Male nor Female, or, perhaps, a little of both. Thus, the Creator is often addressed as “Father-Mother-God”. As can easily be seen Concept is easily derived from the Fifth Commandment. In the Hebrew Language, like all other Semitic Languages, there is no neutral pronoun, like “it” in English. Jews call the Female component of YHVH the “Shekinah” (“Indwelling Presence”), and Christians call Her the Holy Spirit.

Once again, this has also been shown to be a remnant of something else. It has been said that, suppressed in the pages of the Hebrew Scriptures, is that YHWH was viewed at One Time, to have been the husband of Asherah, called “Queen of Heaven”. Asherah's stature as Wife of YHVH has been verified by numerous archaeological findings. There are certainly references to this goddess and her “statues”, which may have been wooden poles, placed before YHVH’s altar in the Temple in Jerusalem, according to the Book of Kings. . Of course, this would violate the Second Commandment, wouldn't it? The Christian Custom of decorating trees every Year in December is another remnant of this.

These Three Interpretations of the Fifth Commandment are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and may all be true.

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