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Kabbalah 401.1: What really is that controversial First Commandment?

Continuing our discussion of the Ten Commandments, let’s focus on Commandment Number One:


I am YHVH, your God, Who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

Amazingly, there is a tendency among Gentiles to ignore this Passage completely, starting with the next. This is simply wrong. Rather than engage in any religious controversy, let’s just stick to the original Text as it was written. This is actually a very important sentence in the Hebrew Scriptures.

According to these Scriptures, this is where God, the Elohim, actually reveals, for the first Time in history (at least for the Hebrew Civilization), the True Name, the unpronounceable “YHVH”. This Name, which was probably originally vocalized as “YAHWEH”. Written with Hebrew Consonants YOD HE VAV HE, it appears to have a relationship with the verb “to be” (HEH VAV HEH). A literal meaning of YHVH would thus be “Beingness”. Thus, the Elohim is revealing that it is everything.

The First Commandment has been connected with Keter, the highest Sefira on the Tree of Life. Remember the quote from the “Thirty-Two Paths”?

The First Path is Named the Mystical Intelligence (Sekhel Mufla שכל מופלא ). This is the Supreme Crown (“Keter”), for it is the Light of the First Principle, the Ancient One who has no Beginning, the Primal Glory, whose existence no created living being can comprehend, nor whose Presence withstand.

In Nova Thought, Keter would relate us to Gray, the Road, the Number Ten, the Sushumna Nadi, the Character of the Traveller, and the Rune Raidho. Let’s not forget the Kabbalistic Attribution to the Hebrew Letter, Alef.

The origin of the Hebrew Word for “Egypt” (“Mitzrayim”) is very problematic. It is a rare dual plural form. Now, Mitzrayim, of course is said to be a grandson of Noah, and a son or Ham. The Ancient Egyptian Kingdom of Egypt, however, was known as the "Two Kingdoms", due to a merger of South and North. This One Word is really the Key to understanding the First Commandment. The Meaning of the linguistic root MEM TZADDI RESH has something to do with restriction. There are Words using this root Meaning “strait” or “confinement”. Hence, YHVH is the Beingness that releases us from the bondage of Mind and Body, leading us to the Freedom of Spirit.

Be free from bondage, and understand the First Word!

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