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K-Grill and Tofu House is only temporarily closed.

The sign posted in K-Grill's window.
Bennett Kalafut

K-Grill and Tofu House served the most distinctive lunch special on San Mateo Avenue. A bowl of jigae (spicy tofu and vegetable stew) or other dishes off of the menu came not only with steamed rice but with cold vegetables, several kinds of kimchi, and a fried fish. The leisurely several-course meal was perfect for a day off or a lunch meeting, and could cause the unsuspecting to ruin their dinner appetites.

Two weeks ago, K-Grill and Tofu House caught fire after hours, resulting in severe damage to its roof and that of the adjacent Fiji Market. Both businesses are closed at the time of writing.

Only two days after the fire, the door of K-Grill was open, with fans running to circulate air and repair work being done. It did not look like the dining room suffered much damage or that the building was left structurally unsound. The sign in the window: "Temporarily Closed, thanks for supporting us, we'll be back soon", with a heart drawn at the bottom.

Although the door was open and work was clearly underway, I didn't see anyone in the building to ask. I'll take whoever posted the sign at his word. Those banquet-like lunches will return.

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