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JWoww Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Photo by: Getty Images
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV

A huge Jersey Shore congrats to JWoww and fiance Roger!

E! News just reported that JWoww delivered 7 pounds of joy today when she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl Meilani Alexandra Mathews.

For all those that were living under a rock and missed the reality TV phenomenon of Jersey Shore, JWoww AKA Jenni Farley, was among the Jersey Shore cast that made America respect the fist pump.

She scored that tagline in the Jersey Shore intro “after I have sex with a guy, I bite off their heads.” I guess her outlook has changed a little.

JWoww and her fiancé, Roger Mathews that also appeared on Jersey Shore, are over the moon ecstatic about their new arrival.

Roger and JWoww’s relationship blossomed on the show during season 3 when they met and began dating exclusively. Unlike most relationships, not only their friends but also about 10 million viewers were all up in their business week after week.

Despite the show’s popularity and finale, JWoww and Roger have maintained their relationship and created a beautiful little guido baby. (FIST PUMMPPP!!) Recently, JWoww and fiance Roger have graduated to a new reality TV platform, Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars on WE TV. The couple’s relationship was sinking fast and this was their chance to pump some life back in to their relationship before one of them walked.

Seems that reality TV fame had gone to Jenni’s head and Roger was sick of it, he just wanted them to be like a traditional relationship where the man takes the lead, makes all the decisions and the woman submits to his will. Huh?! Wake up Roger! It’s 2014! They didn’t call her JWoww for nothin’….she’s a firecracker and a ball buster and I have a feeling baby Meilani will follow in mommy’s steps.

Can't wait for baby pics!

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