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JWow's breast-baringNewYear's Eve outfit

Sexy or highly inappropriate?
Sexy or highly inappropriate?
Scott Gries/Picture Group

This past New Year's Eve, we learned why "Jersey Shore's" Jenni Farley's nickname is JWoww.

"WOW!" is the only word that comes to mind after seeing her New Year's Eve material (we can't quite call it an outfit because it looked more like a bedazzled fishing net than a shirt.)

Star-shaped festive

The reality starlet appeared alongside her "Jersey Shore" castmates at MTV's New Year's Eve Bash at NYC Times Square. However, JWoww stole the spotlight in her breast-baring getup, stiletto heels and low-rider jeans.

"Okay," said Amanda P of Cincinnati, "yes, the outfit it a bit much but maybe I'm just jealous of her hot little body because now, in my middle-age years, if I wore those same pasties (which I wouldn't!), they would be 'falling stars'!"

A source told US Magazine, "JWoww wanted to wear just her chains and pasties without her blazer for the MTV New Year's special."

However, her outfit proved to be too risque for live TV and so she was forced to wear the blazer before going on the air. the blazer really "covered up" the risque parts??!! NOT!

Surprisingly, despite their reputation for "gritty", borderline inappropriate shows, even MTV has standards. Said the source, "Her management made her wear the blazer as well to abide by MTV's Standards and Practices."

Do tell: Do you think JWoww's outfit was inappropriate?

Source: US Magazine Online


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