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JVC ADIXXION GC-XA2 goes where other fail

While most cameras require a special protective case, GC-XA2 is good to go without it
While most cameras require a special protective case, GC-XA2 is good to go without it

Action cameras are getting very popular these days.

GoPro pioneered the trend with its first wrist camera several years ago, and it is still a leader among several makers today.

JVC made its first attempt with the ADIXXION GC-XA1 back in 2012 and the market was not amused.
The audience had expected a "wow factor," something of the quality JVC has created over the years.

The company took notes and last year came out with the second version of the camera, GC-XA2.

This time around, the quality has been greatly improved, giving potential buyers a major dilemma when comes to choices.
Its quality is comparable with the GoPro Hero3, but the rigidity and convenience of use has no competition from any camera maker.

While most cameras require a special protective case, GC-XA2 is good to go without it.
When an additional tripod adapter is needed for other brands, the GC-XA2 has not one but two direct tripod mounts.

The new Adixxion is described as "quadproof," meaning it can survive:

  • a drop from 6.5 ft
  • a dive down to 6.4 ft
  • freezing temps as low as 14F
  • quite a bit of dust

In addition, the GC-XA2 is loaded with many new (perhaps a bit too many) options like:

  • 1080/60p Full HD recording
  • 8MP Back Illuminated CMOS for higher resolution and better low light performance
  • F2.4 lens for better low light performance
  • 720/120p High Speed recording with 4X slow motion
  • Special video effects

All major players in the world of action camera set a price point around $300 price. JVC plays along but offers nothing beyond just one stick-on helmet mount.
You will need to spend some extra $$ in order to get more accessories. The chest mount seems to be the best of all, allowing for both vertical and horizontal adjustments.

The functions are among the easiest to handle, with six buttons that provide access to the controls and navigation, including one-button recording. The icons on the built-in screen allow for intuitive operations. (GoPro charges extra for a detachable screen.)

The use of the screen while recording is not always very helpful. With the screen facing up, the camera comes with portrait format, and with the screen on the side, one will need to develop a goose neck. Similar to the rest of the competition, WiFi apps come to help.

The author was not able to test the built-in Wi-Fi. Unlike GoPro and Sony, JVC does not see the need for a Windows Phone app.
The company claims:

  • Quad View makes it possible to monitor up to four Adixxion cameras at once
  • USTREAM Video Streaming
  • Easy upload to You Tube and other services

The camera takes pretty good stills in optimum conditions (up to 16M) and allows a time laps mode (Photo: 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec. and video 0.2, 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec.)

The quality of sound is superior comparing to GoPro, but the wind noise makes it sound like a boiling tea kettle at times (attaching the camera to the chest harness helps a lot.)

There are still some things to improve (like the recording light at the back of the unit,) but when you look for the camera that "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" GC-XA2 ADIXXION by JVC has no equivalent.

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