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Juvent Pro lets you just 'stand around' and improve your golf game

Help is on way for your golf game with the Juvent Pro
Help is on way for your golf game with the Juvent Pro
Juvent Sports

It's true- the only way to improve your golf game is to practice, practice, practice. But along with that practice, if you could let a biomechanical stimulation assist you in the process, your game could be well served.

Enter Juvent Pro.

Juvent Pro Is A Scientifically Proven Path To Better Golf

The Juvent Pro does many things.

The Juvent Pro uses mild, computer controlled impacts to improve a golfers balance and stability.

The Juvent Pro's first purpose was to treat osteoporosis and other skeletal conditions. It also stimulates the type IIa muscle fibers or “fast twitch” muscles that are critical to elite athletes.

In addition, a Juvent session aids replacement of bone tissue- helping circulation and allows one to maintain healthy tissue.

The Juvent Pro is manufactured in the U.S. by Juvent Sports, a division of Regenerative Technologies Corporation.

Well known golf instructor David Leadbetter, is not being compensated by the company—and still uses the bathroom-scale-sized platform himself and recommends it to his golf students.

“The golf swing is all about mobility," said Leadbetter. "I think Juvent is really going to help people not only improve their golf game but feel a whole lot better about themselves. I’m really excited about it.”

If you are excited, and I know I am, the Juvent Pro is being introduced to the world at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 22-24, in Orlando, Florida.

It is priced at $3,495 per unit, and can be purchased by individuals for home use as well as by country clubs, gyms, businesses, and other fitness facilities for use by their members.

For more information access the web site at

More on the Juvent Pro to come.

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