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Juveniles in St. Louis arrested for abuse of dog posted on social media

This teen was shown picking up the puppy by the front legs and flipping the pooch over his head through the air.
This teen was shown picking up the puppy by the front legs and flipping the pooch over his head through the air.

In St. Louis County, Mo., two juveniles were arrested on Thursday afternoon at the Riverview Garden School District after a video of a dog being abused appeared on Facebook reported

According to St. Louis County police spokesperson, Brian Schellman, the incident occurred in the St. Louis County 1st precinct. The disturbing 33 second video showed a young boy pick a dog up by its front legs and then flip the dog through the air. The video also showed the child punching the dog while the youth who allegedly filmed the video laughed.

The video was shared more than 4,400 times before it was removed from Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

The two minors were referred to the Juvenile Justice Court. reports they were able to contact one of the parents of the teen arrested who stated:

“Yea I’m shocked about what happened because you know I didn’t think my son could do something like that, no way."

The puppy has been seized by Animal Control and will be examined by a veterinarian. The dog is believed to be about eight-months-old and will remain in protective custody until the case is resolved and then offered for adoption.

The following post from the Facebook page of the St. Louis Police Department stated:

"St. Louis County Police have arrested two juveniles who are being referred to the Family Court for the charge of Animal Abuse. This was an unfortunate incident and we would like to thank the citizens who brought it to the attention of law enforcement. The puppy involved in this unfortunate incident has been seized by animal control, and will be carefully examined and treated for any injuries by their staff. The County Police Department takes these incidents very seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach towards the inhumane treatment of animals."

May these juveniles be brought to justice.

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