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Juvenile violent criminals in Antioch, California

Juvenile violent criminals go to school here.
Juvenile violent criminals go to school here.
Deer Valley High School

In February 2014 approximately thirty students got into a nasty mob fight directly in front of FoodMaxx which is located a few blocks away from their campus, Deer Valley High School. It's a huge parking lot, and on the other side, employees at Metro PCS and Starbucks walked outside to see what was going on and they shook their heads. The owner of a Chinese restaurant came out and stared at them, and shaking her head she said, "They're at it again, like always."

About half of them left within a few minutes because they knew that the cops were coming. Those that remained didn't care. They're not afraid of the police. Two Antioch police cars arrived and parked right in front of them and a very huge cop got out. They broke it up and the kids walked away in small groups, and when they were about a hundred feet away they very nearly started fighting again.

McDonald's was spared which is interesting because that tends to be where things like that happen. The reason why I know that is because I dealt with incidences at multiple McDonald's locations when I worked in law enforcement many years ago.

On March 11, 2014 I parked in the FoodMaxx parking lot and before I turned off the engine, I saw something bizarre in the corner of my eye and so I looked, and there were two teenage girls rolling around on the asphalt, pummeling each other and one of them was screaming, "You don't talk about my mamma!"

There were about a dozen teenagers involved. I was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when suddenly a second fight broke out about fifteen feet away, and so there were two fights happening at the same time. A tall, thin African American teenage girl slammed a similar girl up against a bright green Honda. An innocent bystander marched in from sixty feet away to save her and I held my breath because I knew what was coming; the attacker's friends would hurt him.

Finally, the police car siren in the distance. The mob broke up and several of them walked to McDonald's.

One police car arrived with one officer, but she was smart. When she entered the parking lot she drove straight to McDonald's and they were standing in front. She turned on her loudspeaker and told them to leave the property, which they did. Unfortunately, one of the people in the group should have been detained and arrested. With that said, the officer's safety is far more important than arresting people and so she definitely did the right thing. If the Antioch police department was serious about arresting people then they would have sent several officers.

Most witnesses have cell phones that take pictures but everyone was so shocked that we all forgot to take pictures. No one took a picture of the fight, not even me. And so when it came time to describe the people who were fighting we spit out information that was useless because it also fit the description of many of the others who stood in the crowd: A tall, thin, muscular African American teenage girl wearing a colorful head scarf and a tight shirt. And how would one describe the two girls who were rolling around on the ground punching each other, thirty feet away?

Note to self: Take pictures.

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