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Juvenile crime on the rise in Bellevue? Increase in vandalism, mail theft, etc.

Bellevue is experiencing an apparent increase in juvenile crime. Recently this column reported on mail theft and packages which have been disappearing around Bellevue with teens thought to be behind much of the theft. According to the Bellevue Post Office, they have asked that police patrols be stepped up in certain areas. However, missing packages is not the only illegal activity in which juveniles are engaging.

Port-a-potty knocked over by juveniles at Red Caboose Park
© Kathryn E. Darden. All rights reserved.

On Saturday night, April 5, three young teens were spotted trying to tip the porta-potty at Bellevue's Red Caboose Park. The three youths failed on their first effort to rock the structure until it tipped over, However, all three boys immediately returned to their efforts and succeeded in toppling the portable toilet before running up to the bus stop bench where they laughed about their vandalism in spite of the fact they had been seen by people at the park and at the church across the street.

The incident was reported to the police, and soon two patrol cars pulled into the park in time to catch the juveniles still horsing around at the bus stop. Although the boys denied their involvement, at least one eyewitness was on hand who had seen the incident and provided a description of the vandalism and the youths who tipped over the porta-john.

Although vandalism is considered a misdemeanor or "lesser" criminal act, perhaps it will serve as a warning to the teens and their parents that Bellevue is a community that takes mail theft, vandalism, shoplifting, trespass, graffiti, leash laws and other so-called "minor" crimes seriously.

Do you know what your children have been up to lately? Do you know who their friends are? Help keep Bellevue safe by keeping up with your kids and by reporting suspicious activities, even by juveniles.

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