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Justin Timberlake leaves huge tip to bar staff

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Justin Timberlake really appreciates the staff when they take good care of him. This actor, who is best known for his time on movies, left a huge tip for being taken care of at a bar in Cologne. On Thursday, Daily Mail shared the news about this big tip he left.

This tip was left at Crystal Cologne club in the German city. He had been in town performing for his new tour. Justin was at the club for free drinks and partying. He stayed pretty late into the night and then left a tip that in US money was around $4000. That is a pretty big tip for these waitresses but for him it wasn't a big deal to leave that kind of money.

Reports are that Justin Timberlake earned over $43 million last year. This amount wasn't hard for him to tip, but it could have changed someone's life. They also said that they were all amazed by the big tip that he left for them. It is great to hear that Justin Timberlake knows how to have a good time and take care of the wait staff as well.