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Justin Ross Harris helps prove the value of birth control too late

The announcement of murder charges against Justin Ross Harris has become national news. Harris was arraigned for murder on July 3, 2014 in Marietta, GA. He left his son Cooper in a SUV on June 18, 2014 while he was sending lewd selfies to multiple women. Harris had taken out two insurance policies on his son, and researched the effects of leaving animals in a closed car in hot weather.

Murder is clearly an act of monstrous proportions, especially when done against an innocent child. Harris had told others that he did not want to be a parent. It appears that he decided to end his parenthood by murder instead of adoption or simply divorce. The death of the Cooper involved extended suffering in the sweltering heat of Georgia for seven hours.

Harris’ wife, Leanna Harris, showed no emotion when told of Cooper’s death, and commented that Cooper must have died when her husband left him in the car. Leanna Harris had also researched the death of children from extreme heat when confined in automobiles. At this point, Leanna Harris is under further questioning as to any role she may have played in the death of Cooper.

The irony of Harris’ researching the effects of heat on animals became a tragedy when Harris applied this knowledge to killing his own son. Harris clearly had no more regard for his son than he would have had if he had been drowning kittens in a pond. His actions appear to have been deliberate, and he knew the consequences of his actions.

The Planned Parenthood organization coined the phrase “Every child a wanted child”. It is clear that Justin Ross Harris did not want Cooper, and it may be confirmed that his wife, Leanna Harris was also a very unwilling parent. As in prior cases of murder of children by parents, it is a mystery why the parents do not simply give the children up for adoption to family, friends or Children’s Services.

Birth control does not involve the death of a human being. It involves the prevention of a potential human being’s conception. There is a huge difference. Had Cooper not been conceived, he could not have been murdered by one or more of his parents. There must be a moral position taken that the life of the child supersedes the objections of not creating the child by using birth control.

There needs to be a viable means for any woman or man to be able to prevent an unwanted conception of a child. The argument that birth control leads to promiscuity is based on a spurious concept that the participants are thinking about the consequences of their copulation.

The article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution provides additional details leading to the indictment of Harris and the continuing focus on the role of Leanna Harris, the mother. The criminal warrant for Harris’ arrest lists felony murder and cruelty to a child. Bond was denied to Harris by the Cobb County Court. Harris remains in jail.

Whatever the outcome of the trial of Jason Ross Harris, the death of Cooper reinforces the need to prevent unwanted children through birth control and to educate parents on the avenues they have to provide their children with continued life away from the parents.

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