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Justin Lee to coordinate Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Film Shootout

Justin Lee
Photo courtesy of AAFL

Asian American Film Lab announced that filmmaker Justin Lee has been selected as the Shootout Coordinator for the Tenth Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout.

The Shootout is a worldwide competition, celebrating diversity and artistic self empowerment, in which filmmaking teams are given a common theme at the start and then have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and complete short films up to five minutes in length.

Teams compete for cash and prizes, as well as the chance to have their films screened at the prestigious Asian American International Film Festival, organized by Asian CineVision, the only festival of its kind on the East Coast, and at the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

This year, competitors will also have an extended period of time to submit a second entry for televised broadcast on the Film Lab’s new series, Film Lab Presents!

The Shootout is intended to create opportunities for filmmakers of color, with a focus on Asian Americans, to demonstrate their talent, help them gain exposure in the entertainment industry, and impact the visibility of diverse stories and characters in film and television.

One of the Shootout requirements is that at least one key production member (e.g., director, producer, or writer) and a principal actor from each team must be of Asian descent.

The Shootout Coordinator position changes each year in order to give a fresh, dynamic new take on every Shootout and every year numerous qualified candidates submit for the position. The Film Lab is delighted that Justin Lee will be coordinating this year’s Shootout.

Lee is an independent writer, director and producer. He has extensive experience in the world of media and entertainment and is cognizant of the fact that Asian Americans are often misrepresented and/or underrepresented in mainstream media.

When asked what intrigued him about the Shootout, Lee explained, “If the media can’t represent us in the right light, there [are] a whole lot of talented individuals out there who can.”

Lee plans to challenge stereotypes and preconceived notions about people and races in the 2014 Shootout, stating, “It’s going to be about putting individuality into your craft. No one but Wes Anderson could make The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; only Wong Kar-Wai could make Chunking Express. I want to see films [that express the individual], not just something with a twist.”

Early bird registration opens on March 1, 2014, on the Film Lab website (

In connection with the Shootout, the Film Lab will be hosting several pre-launch events including a FREE interactive filmmaking how-to workshop to teach first-time and veteran filmmakers alike how to create their best possible film within 72 hours and a team-building and networking event for Shootout registrants to attend to meet like-minded individuals and put their Shootout teams together.

For further information about the Film Lab and the Shootout, including viewing past winning films, please visit us on the web at or email Shootout Coordinator, Justin Lee, at

For free access to videos and updates, subscribe at

Filmmakers can also network on the Shootout Fan Page (

Source: Asian American Film Lab

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