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Justin Ross Harris indicted in Cobb County for hot car death of toddler son

Justin Harris was indicted on charges that he intentionally murdered his son by leaving him in a hot car.
Cobb County Sheriff's Department

Justin Harris is the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month old son in his car while he went to work. Harris has been charged with eight counts in relation to the death of his son Cooper including felony murder and cruelty to children. According to NBC News on Thursday, if convicted for the hot car death of his son, Justin Harris faces the death penalty.

Harris told investigators that the June 18 death of his son was accidental. He recounted the day, saying that he and his son enjoyed Chik-Fil-A for breakfast and that he forgot to drop Cooper off at his daycare. Instead he drove to work, parked and forgot that his toddler son was still inside the car.

Prosecutors argue that the death was not accidental at all. Evidence that Harris searched for information online about how long it takes to die inside a hot car prior to the incident is a major theme in this case. Prosecutors also allege that Justin and his wife Leanna were having marital problems. They say that Harris was sexting with as many as six other women, some of which he contacted while his son was dying inside the family vehicle.

Justin Harris has other charges against him that are unrelated to the death of his son. The Cobb County grand jury indictment includes charges that the 32-year old man was communicating with multiple other women, some of which were underage. He has been charged with dissemination of harmful material to minors for allegedly sexting lewd pictures to underage girls and also has been charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony for the sexual exploitation of a minor. Justin's wife Leanna has not been charged in the death of her son Cooper.

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