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Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October speaks about Bipolar Disorder Part One

"Bipolar art rock" band, Blue October's 2010 Pick Up The Phone (PUTP) tour around the world spreads awareness and raises funds for mental health.  

Originally scheduled for October 2009, the PUTP tour had been cancelled due to Blue October's lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld's mental breakdown and hospitalization.  

In "Blue October Part One" Justin Furstenfeld speaks to Germany's "Freunde fürs Leben" TV Channel about his bipolar disorder for the first time since his hospitalization in 2009.

Furstenfeld talks about the effects bipolar disorder has on his life.  He describes bipolar disorder as "something beautiful and it's something very scary all at the same time."

He discusses how Blue October, his daughter, brother, friends, and fans are what keeps him grounded.  Furstenfeld's interview sings with emotion and adds insight into the bipolar world.

 The interview also includes Blue October's drummer Justin Furstenfeld, who discusses growing up with a brother who is bipolar.

"Freunde fürs Leben" a TV Channel in Germany "has been active in the field of depression and suicide prevention since 2001. The mission is to educate the public about suicide and depression and provide necessary information, especially for young people." 

For more information:  To find bipolar support groups in the Western Massachusetts area, visit the following websites:  Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance DBSA in Chicopee; or the Pioneer Valley DBSA in Florence.  You can also Google "bipolar disorder support groups Western MA."

If you are feeling depressed and thinking of suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-SUICIDE (442-4673) Click on the following links for information on: suicide prevention, bipolar disorder, mental health.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i loved it, i myself am bipolar and to hear the lead singer of one of my favorite bands say the things that i sometimes feel is just, i feel closer to them now...

  • Profile picture of Sera Rivers
    Sera Rivers 4 years ago

    It is very moving indeed. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Roxy3500 4 years ago

    I do not think my self as Bi-Polar I do however fight depression from time to time. I am fighting it now. In general I love to write and do my college work but latly I have lost interest and may fail my current class because of it. I usually get A's on my stuff and strive to always get A's but latly I do not want to put in the work to get an A and so I am not doing the assignments at all. I have been listening to Justin's music and it often snaps me out of this mood but even now it is not working and I do not know why?

  • Profile picture of Sera Rivers
    Sera Rivers 4 years ago

    Roxy, I know how you feel. I am often not motivated to do anything. It's hard to get out of that funk. What helps me is to make myself get up in the morning and go about my daily routine, including homework, because I tell myself this feeling is only temporary and when it goes away, I will be upset if I didn't do what needs to be done. Hope you are feeling better.

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