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Justin Davis can go home to Canada to bury son: Cuba releases mom after tragedy

Justine Davis allowed to come home from Cuba after tragic traffic accident that killed her only son, 3-year-old Cameron.
Justine Davis allowed to come home from Cuba after tragic traffic accident that killed her only son, 3-year-old Cameron.Cameron Davis Foundation/ Facebook

Justine Davis, the Canadian mother who lost her son in a traffic accident two days before Christmas, is finally free to leave Cuba to go home and bury her three-year-old child. This has been a long ordeal for a mother who just lost her only child, according to NBC News on Feb. 7.

Cameron is Davis' only child and the devastation she's endured could only have been compounded not knowing if she would be allowed to leave Cuba or not. Davis, who was driving a motor scooter with her son as a passenger, hit a truck. Cameron was pronounced dead on the scene.

The accident was under investigation by Cuban authorities and if Davis had been found guilty of causing the accident she would have faced vehicular homicide charges in Cuba. Davis and Cameron were riding along a dirt road on a scooter when she swerved to miss a pothole. At the same time a truck was coming around a blind curve.

Davis collided with the truck and her three-year-old son was killed instantly. This was such a horrific event for any mother to face, but adding being detained in a foreign country and away from your family at such a sad time had to compound the hardship for this mom.

She was also injured in the wreck and has been in the hospital for the last six weeks recuperating from the injuries. During this time the Cuban authorities investigated this accident. On Thursday night officials announced that she was able to go home.

Friends and relatives announced this on Davis's Facebook page and they also said that the 29-year-old was not charged in the accident. Her family and friends actively worked behind the scenes putting pressure on Cuba to let her come home in time to bury her son.

They had an online petition going and the Canadian Embassy in Havana sent a consular to visit Justine on Wednesday. This was the first time she saw someone from the embassy since her accident. Then Thursday she found out she could leave Cuba and go home to Canada.